Duffy campaign: Dem attack targets us

From the campaign of 7th C.D. candidate Sean Duffy.

National Democrats in Washington, D.C. today released their first TV attack ad of the 2010 election cycle. And it’s against us.

The ad flat out lies to Wisconsin seniors by saying Sean Duffy wants to privatize Social Security. But the record is clear. Sean opposes privatizing Social Security and in Congress, will fight to keep Social Security safe and sound for current recipients and future generations.

As Sean told the Wausau Daily Herald’s Editorial Board last week, “One component I don’t think is part of the equation is privatizing Social Security. Privatizing is not an option.”

The fact that national Democrats would make Sean the first candidate in the country to get this kind of attack speaks volumes. They’ve seen the polls, and they know they could lose this seat for the first time in 40 years. The DCCC isn’t disclosing how much it’s spending on these ads but they say the ads will completely saturate the Wausau area.

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