A first assessment of Doyle & his legacy

Jim Doyle’s term off office isn’t over yet, but The Capitol Times, Madison’s Progressive newspaper, is out with a piece on the Democratic governor, and it falls well short of a glowing tribute.

Here’s a sample of quotes – all of them from people who wised to remain anonymous – gathered by reporter Judith Davidoff.

“The governor is not a nice person. He’s not a nice human being. If that were a qualifier to be governor, he would not be governor.” “He seemed to have no respect for the Legislature.” “Civil servants answered to Jim Doyle.” “There are no hugs in Doyle land.”

There are some people pleased with Doyle’s legacy as well, including state Represenative Spencer Black, the veteran Madison Democrat who’s not seeking reelection. “He has quite a few significant achievements that will carry on to the future in the environmental area,” Black told Davidoff.

But others clearly feel that Doyle indeed had too little respect for the Legislature. “I had encouraged the new governor to get out, come to our office, say ‘Hi,’ talk to staff. He never did that,” said state Representative Marlin Schneider, the Wisconsin Rapids Democrat who’s the longest serving member of the Assembly.

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