Zielinski gets the boot from Walker event

The Associated Press reports that WISDEMs spokesman Graeme Zielinski was asked to leave an event today where Republican candidate for Governor Scott Walker was scheduled to speak.

Right before Scott Walker talked to TEMPO Milwaukee members, Democrat spokesman Graeme Zielinski entered the room. Walker campaign worker Mike Brickman shook his hand, but Zielinski recoiled, telling a woman that Brickman was a racist for “the tweet about President Obama.” An event organizer then asked Zielinski to leave, saying that Democratic candidate Tom Barrett would speak there at a later date.

Zielinski was referring to a Twitter repost by Brickman that President Barack Obama’s response to Walker’s stand against high-speed rail was contained in a video. The video was of African-American dancers singing, “C’mon, Get on the Train,” from the “Soul Train” TV series. Walker’s campaign later apologized.

Zielinski followed up with a post on Twitter.

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