Doyle rips Journal Sentinel for ‘politicizing’ pardon process (AUDIO)

Governor Jim Doyle apparently isn’t happy with the state’s largest newspaper. Asked today by a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter whether he’d consider a posthumous pardon for Lawrencia Bembenek, Doyle was on the offensive. “I know that your newspaper would love to politicize the pardon process, I’m just not gonna go there,” said Doyle.

The governor went back to criticism when asked whether he’s made a decision on two commutations. “This is the first time in my time as attorney general or governor that I’ve watched people trying to get political about this. There are people’s real lives that are at stake. This is really serious business and . . . to see the Journal Sentinel just turn it into a political game is not something that I think is worthy of what the process is.”

AUDIO: Doyle Q&A (1:15)

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