Here’s one bridge in need of repair

From Governor-elect Scott Walker’s statement on the federal decision to reallocate Wisconsin’s high-speed rail money to other states: “While I would have preferred to have the $810 million reallocated to repair our crumbling roads and bridges, I am glad that the transportation fund will not be on the hook for a minimum of $7.5 million of operating subsidies every year.”

Speaking of bridges, listening to Madison Mayor Dave Cieslewicz’ reaction to the news, one could almost hear chunks of concrete falling off the bridge linking his office with that of the governor-elect at the mayor’s press conference Thursday.

“A governor-elect who claims to be making jobs his top priority has killed thousands of good paying jobs even before taking office,” said Cieslewicz in his prepared remarks. “Walker has laid out nothing less than an all out attack on the modern economy (thud). With his high-speed rail decision, he has sent out a national and even international message, that Wisconsin is closed to new ideas and not nearly open to business (thud). Next he’ll go after stem cell research, possibly sending those jobs to California. And we can only imagine what else he’ll do to turn back the clock on progress. Scott Walker, even before taking office, has done irreperable harm to Wisconsin’s economy (thud, thud).”

Cieslewicz continued to vent about Walker as he took reporter’s questions. High-speed rail may eventually link Milwaukee and Madison, the mayor said, but that won’t happen until Walker is out of the governor’s office. “That day can’t come too soon, as far as I’m concerned,” said Cieslewicz. “And if this is an indication of how Scott Walker’s going to run his administration, I think we’re in for a very long for years.”


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