Wimpy puts in JFC appearance (AUDIO)

During today’s meeting of the legislature’s Joint Committee on Finance, State Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) used Wimpy’s love of hamburgers in order to illustrate his objections to Special Session Senate Bill 2, establishing a tax deduction for Health Savings Accounts (HSA). “Wimpy was a glutton for hamburger. This is an example of a majority party that is a glutton for tax breaks whether or not they have any ability to make a difference in improving the economy,” said Jauch. “Perhaps maybe Wimpy might have some of those dollars for those burgers, if the government wasn’t taking away from him first,” said Representative John Nygren (R-Marinette). “I didn’t know being on Joint Finance was all about metaphors, but I’m learning my my first day.” Nygren may have been referring to earlier metaphors used by GOP committee members to describe the effect of the special session bills being considered, which will prime the pump, kick start, and have a snowball effect on jobs creation. The first few of many metaphors to come.

LISTEN: Sen. Jauch, Rep. Nygren (1:04)

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