Don’t hold your breath, Rep. Coggs (AUDIO)

During Wednesday’s testimony on voter I-D legislation, state Milwaukee state Senator Spencer Coggs asked freshman Milwaukee Representative Elizabeth Coggs (they’re cousins), who was testifying against the bill, whether she was surprised that the bill “really doesn’t affect” convicted felons who vote illegally.

“I am. But I would say maybe we should look at . . . allowing felons to vote,” replied Representative Coggs, a response that prompted at least one person in the crowed hearing room to applaud for a fraction of a second. “What happened to the rehabilitation to assimilate them back into society? So that could be also an amendment to this.”

The sponsors of this legislation have indicated they’re willing to consider amendments, but lets just say that the odds of this bill being amended to allow felons to have their voting rights restored are even less likely than the odds of a sixth-seeded NFL team making it to the Super Bowl.

AUDIO: Sen. Spencer Coggs, Rep. Elizabeth Coggs (:45)

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