Dale Schultz: ‘my way is a better way than to let things spin out of control’ (AUDIO)

WRCO‘s Ron Fruit interviewed Republican state Senator Dale Schultz this morning, on his proposed alternative to the labor provisions in Governor Scott Walker’s budget repair bill.

Let me be the first person to say that I don’t believe collective bargaining is perfect and that is reasonable for a Republican legislature that owns both houses and has the east wing to have an opportunity to have an impact on it, but we don’t need to do it right now in my opinion. So what my proposal sought to do was to remove everything but the necessary fiscal components of collective bargaining in order to achieve these emergency savings that are needed, and leave the rest of collective bargaining place. And what I’ve been trying to do is convince my colleagues that my way is a better way than to let things spin out of control.

AUDIO: WRCO interview with Sen. Schultz (5:30)

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