Fitzgerald discusses security, structural concerns (AUDIO)

State Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald commented today, when asked about the absence of the public from the Senate galleries.

“The south wing has a higher level of security today then it did Wednesday and Thursday of last week. I’m not sure exactly how the Sergeant at Arms handled the public access to the galleries. We’re certainly not trying to shut that down, that is not our goal, as a matter of fact we’re required by statute to make sure that the galleries are open and accessible, but we do have some serious security concerns at this point.”

Fitzgerald said he had protesters right in his face last week, either screaming at him or blocking him in the hallways.

“And I’ve also been told there’s been some concerns about the number of people being in here by the engineers, that said the Capitol isn’t built for that many people at one time.”

AUDIO: Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (7:45)

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