Capitol access being closely controlled

Here’s the memo (PDF)from the Wisconsin Department of Administration, and the relevent details on what’s going on today:

The following procedures will be in place on Monday:

• Visitors to the Capitol will enter at the King Street entrance.

• A handicapped entrance will be available at the Martin Luther King, Jr. entrance.

• Visitors will be admitted to meet with legislators and other officials who work in the building, to attend committee hearings and to observe the state Assembly and state Senate if they are in session.

• Capitol Police will be stationed at the King Street entrance and can assist members of the public who do not have an appointment, but who wish to see their legislators or meet with others in the building.

• Protestors will be allowed into the building, but crowd size will be adjusted to accommodate the cleaning crews, the preparation for the Tuesday’s joint legislative session and the number of protestors who remained in the building overnight.

• Items that created safety or fire hazards and were removed from the building beginning on Friday will not be allowed back in.

• Police will continue the practice that began on Saturday of disallowing items including sleeping bags, blankets and animals (other than service animals) into the building.

• Members of the media will enter the Capitol at the West Washington entrance.

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