Kloppenburg recommendations to GAB

From the letter (PDF) sent by the JoAnne Kloppenburg campaign to the Government Accountability Board:

1. Immediately address the matter of ballot security. Self-sealing tamperproof bags and envelopes would eliminate the pitfalls inherent in the current cumbersome ballot bagging and sealing process — a process that virtually invites human error or worse.

2. Institute a higher and more uniform level of training for clerks and for those dedicated community members who staff our polling places. The recount minutes abound in misconceptions, misinformation and mistakes when it comes to absentee ballot procedures, remade ballots, poll books reconciliation and other critically important election procedures.

3. Take steps to ensure greater transparency when it comes to reporting election results on election night. County Clerks should be mandated to report election results by municipality and they should all use the same software to tally results.

4. The office of County Clerk should be non-partisan. Maintaining voter confidence in the integrity of our election system requires providing assurance that everyone’s vote will be duly counted. Having partisans oversee the election process, can, unfairly or not, create the appearance that politics, rather than fair play, determines election outcomes.

5. Wisconsin law should require Clerks to account for the number of ballots printed and delivered to each polling location, and the number of ballots unused on election night at each polling location. Current law does not require an accounting of the unused ballots and they are not audited as part of a recount.

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