Grothman, Jauch on earned income credit (AUDIO)

Comments during Senate budget debate by Senator Glenn Grothman (R-West Bend), arguably the chamber’s most vocally conservative GOP member, and Senator Bob Jauch (D-Poplar) a liberal Democrat, illustrate the partisan divide over the budget. The two were addressing changes to Wisconsin’s earned income tax credit, a reduction which Democrats have repeatedly termed a tax increase on working families.

Grothmann, who rose to respond to what he called misleading statements on the EITC, drew heckling from a woman seated directly behind and above him in the Senate gallery. He continued after the protester was removed but people in the gallery had to warned again when they began loudly coughing during his remarks.

The earned income tax credit is largely a refundable credit. About 77 percent of the earned income tax credit does not offset income taxes that working people pay, but it’s something you get that you don’t work for. In other words it’s the equivalent of a welfare check.

Grothmn said 27 states have no earned income tax credit at all, and that the state will still have the highest credit in the nation for families with three or more children.

Jauch said Grothman was the perfect spokesperson for a Republican majority that Jauch called “madness on steroids.”

If you are a family of three children, you will have 500 dollars less in your pocket to meet the needs of your families. That is neither fair, Mr. President, nor is it moral. It is indefensible. It is a tax increase.

AUDIO: Grothman, Jauch (8:25)

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