Dems take their ball and go home-UPDATE

I’m going to make an admission right off the bat – I was unaware of the existence of the annual softball game between Assembly Republicans and Democrats until today.

And the only reason I became aware of it was because Rick Schuh at WHBY/Appleton said state Rep. Dean Kaufert (R-Neenah) had told him the Democrats had pulled out of this evening’s game.

The Dems were apparently upset over Kaufert’s letter (PDF) to Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch, asking that signs posted in office windows at the Capitol be taken down.

Word is that the game will now be between GOP members and staffers. We’ll try to get a score on that for you.

UPDATE: Melonie Conklin with Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca’s office has forwarded an e-mail showing that Democrats cancelled the ball game back on June 14 – after being unable to find enough players. “Not sure what inspired this little lie, but his intemporate leter had nothing to do with the ball game,” Conklin wrote. You can listen to Kaufert’s comment below.

AUDIO: Rep. Dean Kaufert (:30) 

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