Kohl: McConnell knows default not an option (AUDIO)

Senator Herb Kohl says Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has said repeatedly that default is not an option.

“There is no politician in Washington that will benefit . . . that will really benefit from a default. Some people perhaps, and I don’t want to define who they are, might think that they will benefit. Nobody will benefit, certainly not Senator McConnell. “

AUDIO: Senator Herb Kohl (:35)

Kohl commented as the House began debate on a debt ceiling/deficit reduction bill which will be rejected by the Senate. Kohl says he’s “hopeful” that a Senate proposal being prepared by Majority Leader Harry Reid will have the support of McConnell and enough Senate Republicans to give it 60 or or more votes. That bipartisan bill could then be sent to the House, where Kohl says it “would attract all but the most conservative Republicans and all but the most intransigent Democrats,” thus avoiding Tuesday’s default deadline.        


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