Walker likes Romney-Perry ticket

Viewers of CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight on Tuesday got to see Governor Scott Walker in action. (Ariana Huffington, who I suppose would be Walker’s polar opposite on virtually any topic, was Morgan’s other guest.) They also go to see Walker use the word “homer” — and not in a Milwaukee Brewers context. 

Asked about the emerging GOP presidential field, Walker admitted to “a bias towards governors” — meaning former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and current Texas Governor Rick Perry. In fact, when prompted by Morgan Walker allowed as how he’d like to see Romney and Perry on the same ticket. “The strengths that each of them have, both in the private sector and in public service, is their focus on the economy. To me, the best advice I could give either of them, and together if they were on a ticket is, ‘make that your sole focus’. Everything else is a sideshow.” Pressed on who he’d prefer at the top of the ticket, Walker demurred, although he admitted he’s worked more closely with Perry. “It’s the real deal. The only alternative to me — and I’ve been a homer on this — Paul Ryan if he’d gotten in.”

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