Walker wants concealed carry rule changes

It looks as if state Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen, who’s run into a buzzsaw of criticism over rules governing the state’s new concealed carry law, will be pretty much on his own with this one:

Cullen Werwie, Press Secretary for the Governor’s office issued the following statement today concerning the Emergency Concealed Carry Rules that were promulgated by the Department of Justice. The concealed carry law takes effect on November 1st, requiring emergency rules to be drafted while permanent rules are crafted. The rules are created by an agency and must be approved by the Administration.

“Given the short timeline between the promulgation of the rules by the Department of Justice and the implementation of the concealed carry law, we have little choice but to approve the emergency rules. Failure to do so could prevent the law from going into effect on November 1st. We’re hopeful that the Department of Justice improves the permanent rules substantially before sending them to the Administration and the legislature for approval.”


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