Sensenbrenner apologizes over comments

Back in 2008, I had my only face-to-face contact with U.S. Representative Jim Sensenbrenner, the Menomonee Falls Republican who’s recently had to extricate himself from the furor he created with some ill-considered comments on the appearance of First Lady Michelle Obama.

Sensenbrenner was at Madison’s Monona Terrace to discuss cap-and-trade on the day we briefly crossed paths. After his remarks to a group of local business people, I and another reporter waited out in the hall, hoping for some follow-up. But my colleague had barely gotten the first words out when Sensenbrenner shot that notion down. “I don’t do hallway interviews,” he barked, before taking his topcoat from an aide and saying “come on, let’s get out of here.”

Sensenbrenner may be wishing he was as terse more recently.

From Congressman Sensenbrenner today: “I regret my inappropriate comment and I have sent a personal note to the First Lady apologizing.”

It seems Sensenbrenner made some impolitic remarks about the First Lady’s posterior, and did it not once, but apparently twice.

The first cracks came at a church holiday fair, of all places, back on December 10th, and he then allegedly repeated the gaffe on the phone at Washington’s Reagan Airport yesterday.

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