Sheriff David Clarke – A Man Alone (AUDIO)

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke participated in a Conservative Black Forum Washington, D.C. on Monday, and provided some of the sorts of comments which make him a controversial leader in Milwaukee. Clarke weighed in on the ills of the city in his introduction:

It’s a city that has forever been in the throes if you will, the brace of liberal orthodoxy. And I’ve been a man alone. A man alone, trumpeting conservative values.

Audio: Sheriff David Clarke (2:09)

And fielding a question on how best to get the conservative message to Blacks:

Government handouts, big government, entitlement programs are used like an intoxicating drug. When you try to reason with folks, you’re working on the wrong side of the brain. We need to appeal the emotional side of the brain. We’re an emotional people.

Audio: Sheriff David Clarke (4:20)

You can view the entire forum on C-SPAN.

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