Miller statement on State of the State

Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller statement on Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State Adress:    

“It is clearer than ever that the Governor truly does not understand the state of the state for working families. It is unacceptable that the Governor suggests he has kept his promises, while the facts prove otherwise. He is living in a state of denial.

Six straight months of job loss; tax increases on seniors and working families by cutting the Homestead Tax Credit and the Earned Income Tax Credit programs; $400 million in fund raids; $111 million in fee increases; $107 million in tuition increases and credit card spending; $2.36 billion worth of tax credits to big corporations and special interest at the expense of investments in education, health care, and jobs.

And while we waited patiently for some indication the Governor would talk about the number one priority in our state, job creation, he failed to suggest anything other than job fairs and implying small businesses could do their part by hiring one employee each.

Usually the Governor lays out a vision for the future. This Governor listed his failed policies of the past.

We know the people of this state are some of the hardest working people in the country and they deserve better.

Democrats will continue to fight to create well-paying jobs, support new economy industry and research, preserve access to quality affordable health care for children, families and seniors, ensure our children have access to a world class education and workers have job training, target tax savings to the middle class, working families and small businesses that need it most, and protect our clean air and water.”

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