Pocan statement on State of the State

Madison Democrat and congressional candidate Mark Pocan on Governor Scott Walker’s State of the State address:

Yesterday, the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report that showed Wisconsin is the only state in the nation to record job loss over the past six consecutive months while the nation as a whole has gained jobs for 22 straight months.

“The Governor used the word ‘jobs’ 32 times in his speech this evening which is more jobs than he’s created in the last six months. The fact that Wisconsin has the worst record on job growth in the nation in the last six months, with six consecutive months of job loss, is a sad testimonial to Walker’s record.

“I was glad to see the Governor talk about education, but talk is cheap. Unfortunately, the $1.6 billion in education cuts will have a devastating impact in the next school year. Simply saying you support education and tutoring one third-grader will hardly get the job of educating our children done in Wisconsin.

“As the Governor travels around the state, I think he’ll find it hard to pass off his record of job loss, education cuts and creating a poor labor environment. It’s hard to attract businesses to Wisconsin when the Governor starts the biggest fight with workers in the country.”


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