Knoff targets Suder in 69th

Assembly Majority Leader Scott Suder will face a challenge if he seeks reelection this year. Paul Knoff says residents of central Wisconsin’s 69th District are sick of politics as usual.

“They believe that both parties have been bought and paid for by special interests. And a system that has extreme money flowing into it is always going to have extreme polarization, which we have right now. It’s not the most exciting topic – certainly not as exciting as wolf hunting – but I’m hear to to you that I believe that campaign finance reform is the most significant issues we face in the state right now.”

Knoff, a member of the Granton school board, claims public education is under attack by extreme elements in the GOP.

“Some people believe that the private sector can do everything better than the public sector. And in their Wisconsin, your kids can get a good education, if you can afford it.”

(Full disclosure, Knoff is a former WRN affiliate.) 


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