Cain Train pulls into Walkerville

Friends of Scott Walker releases a fundraising letter from former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain.

Dear Conservatives,

Gov. Scott Walker is in the fight of his life right now in Wisconsin because he dared to stand up to the big labor unions and challenge the status quo. Now they are doing everything they can to see that he is recalled – in fact, they are already on television, running ads smearing Gov. Walker and his record. They are only just getting started.

This might be the most important race in America this year. If the Unions win and take down this good man, it will be a crushing blow to the cause of reform. What’s more, it will be a generation before any Governor dares to take on these labor unions again.

Please check out the email below from Governor Walker describing the battle in which he is engaged. He needs our help.

For America, 

Herman Cain

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