Risser won’t be packing heat

Wisconsin veterans can get concealed carry permits without fulfilling the state’s training requirements. State Senator Fred Risser, a World War Two-era veteran, sought clarification on that point during a committee session on Tuesday.”When I was in the Navy, I was in the medics, and they did not require any gun training for me. I could still get a concealed weapons permit, because I got an honorable discharge?” Brian O’Keefe with the state Department of Justice confirmed that is the case. “Let us know when you get that,” quipped Representative Gary Hebl.

Risser recently announced he’ll seek another term in office but he apparently has no interest in obtaining a concealed carry permit.

AUDIO: Senator Fred Risser (:30) 

There was some discussion in our newsroom as to whether World War II U.S. Navy Corpsmen actually received no weapons training. We’ll take Senator Risser’s word on that.

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