Dems betting on redistricting reboot

Thursday’s federal court ruling on the state’s redistricting plan focused narrowly on two problematic districts in Milwaukee – the 8th and 9th Assembly districts – and directs the legislature to redraw those lines. Until that happens, the entire set of legislative distinct maps cannot be implemented. The chances that Democrats are going to be content to see just those two districts redrawn are, to quote Dean Vernon Wormer, “zero-point-zero.”

Statememts from Democraric leaders clearly indicate they want the whole enchilada. Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller:

With the Senate now equally divided between 16 members of each party, I believe now is the time to act to pass a bipartisan compromise that will be fair to all Wisconsinites. As of yesterday, there are no valid legislative districts for the Senate or the Assembly.

Assembly Minority Leader Peter Barca:

Now that Act 43 does not exist, we need to immediately begin to redraw the maps in a manner that is fully open and transparent and does not, in the words of the court, ‘needlessly move’ more than million citizens of Wisconsin.

Those are sentiments that presage a long, contentious wrangle.

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