Are you ready for some voting?

Is it Tuesday yet? We received a campaign robocall from Hank Williams, Jr. at home last night. I wasn’t aware that Bocephus had made an endorsement in the Republican presidential primary, so I listened long enough to learn that his message to every freedom-loving American is that “the person I trust the most is Rick Santorum.”

Again, I wasn’t aware that the robocall had been used previously in other states, including Louisiana, so I was a little surprised. Had anyone asked me, I’d have pegged ol’ Hank as more of a Ron Paul man. Santorum’s sweater-vest morality seems at odds with Williams’ leather-vest hard partying.

Speaking of Ron Paul, the Texas congressman was accorded “rock-star” treatment (according to the Wisconsin State Journal) Thursday night at the UW Union Terrace. WRN’s Brian Moon, who covered the event, told me the Paul campaign didn’t seem overly concerned with accommodating the media. Paul headed for his truck when his remarks concluded, leaving reporters to fight their way through the scrum to try and get some one-on-one comments. And, while the Fox News crew from Milwaukee did manage to get to Paul, they had to contend with unflattering chants from the students.

Of course, Santorum has been barnstorming the Badger state, peppering Mitt Romney with Etch-A-Sketch gibes. Romney, who stepped in it again this week with an impolitic anecdote about his dad closing an American Motors plant in Michigan and moving production to Wisconsin, can at least tout the endorsement of Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan. And a third party television ad portraying Santorum as just another Washington insider.

Newt Gingritch has thus far let his Wisconsin-born wife, Callista, serve as his surrogate here. But he’ll join Romney and Santorum at an event in Waukesha on Saturday, sponsored by the Faith and Freedom Coalition.

Presumably, Wisconsin residents will be fatigued enough to welcome Tuesday’s primary-so they can focus their attention on the recall election.

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