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La Follette has a cow

Senate candidate Mark Neumann had his pig (Mr. Favors) and now Secretary of State Doug La Follette has a cow. “I have one TV ad with my little friend Miss Forward,” La Follette, a candidate for governor, explained during a … Continue reading

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Regarding Arthur

Here’s an e-mail forwarded to me (with media outlets excised). Apparently, we in the liberal media are conspiring to keep Republicans from knowing that Governor Scott Walker has an  opponent on the May 8th primary ballot. 

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Barrett likes teachers too

The day after Kathleen Falk held a Capitol press conference highlighting union support for her campaign – including the support of WEAC – Tom Barrett is out with a new ad aimed at shorting up his support among the state’s teachers. Milwaukee … Continue reading

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More good news for News

That headline is meant to be ironic. There’s definitely some ironic convergence going on here. Remember those computer nerds you used to scoff at while you were writing punchy ledes for the student newspaper? They are about to have their … Continue reading

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Georgetown academics write Ryan a letter

Representative Paul Ryan has explained how Catholic teachings have influenced his Republican budget plan. As reported at The Hill, a group of academics at Georgetown University. where Ryan is scheduled to speak later this week, are having none of it: … Continue reading

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WaPo includes Ryan in veepstakes poll

No surprise here really, since his name has been on the short list for months, but Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan is included in this Washington Post list of potential vice-presidential picks for Mitt Romney. Ryan, who has indicated no interest … Continue reading

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Walker, Barrett campaign ads

The Scott Walker and Tom Barrett campaigns are out with their first televison ads. Barrett’s was out Wednesday. The Walker campaign has two ads: one targeting Barrett, the other Kathleen Falk.

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Ryan’s comments and the Catholic divide

Comments U.S. Representative Paul Ryan made in a recent interview on CBN have brought Catholic social teaching into the spotlight – while serving to further highlight political differences within the nation’s largest Christian denomination. Asked by interviewer David Brody to … Continue reading

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It’s pronounced GROWTH-man

Granted, neither name is exactly easy to pronounce, but Stephen Colbert (col-BEAR) managed to mispronounce Reince Preibus and Glenn Grothman (and left that second n off the Senator’s first name) in this bit. There’s a site for that, Stephen.          The Colbert Report Mon … Continue reading

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Walker will address NRA in St. Louis

Perhaps due to his legislative victories on concealed carry and the castle doctrine, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker will be among the featured speakers at the National Rifle Association’s Celebration of American Values Leadership Forum, this Friday in St. Louis. It’s part of … Continue reading

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