The out-of-staters did it (AUDIO)

Voters who are already fatigued at the prospect of another round of state Senate recalls, and recalls against Governor Scott Walker and the lieutenant governor, can blame it all on out-of-state special interests – no matter which side they’re on.

Last week Walker signed – in private – legislation which eliminates provisions of the 2009 Equal Pay Enforcement Act, which passed the Assembly and Senate on largely partisan votes and was signed into law by Governor Jim Doyle. Walker was asked about that Monday.

“The only change that was made last week was that it keeps it out of the courtrooms. In the past, it was kind of a gravy train for . . . the trial bar out there, and this ultimately changes that . . . the only change this really makes is that it no longer includes the benefit that was in place before for lawyers.”

AUDIO: Walker on equal pay (:60)

That explanation didn’t sit well with the state Democratic Party. Maggie Brickerman is co-chair of DPW’s Women Against Walker group.

“Scott Walker is right that there’s a gravy train running through Wisconsin. Fueled by the Koch Brothers and radical out-of-state special interest billionaires, Scott Walker and his legislative allies have used it to run over hard-working Wisconsin women and families who just want an equal day’s pay for an equal day’s work.”

Walker invoked the spector of out-of-state special interest groups too, when asked whether there’s a GOP war on women.

“These are the out of state special interest group talking points, the same talking points they’re using at the national level. Most of the talking points you’ve seen thus far seem to have a total disregard for what the facts are, including some of the talking points given by lawyers who should know better actually what the law is in the state of Wisconsin. It wouldn’t matter what we signed, they’d use those talking points.”

AUDIO: Walker on war on women (:45)


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