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Here’s an e-mail forwarded to me (with media outlets excised). Apparently, we in the liberal media are conspiring to keep Republicans from knowing that Governor Scott Walker has an  opponent on the May 8th primary ballot.    

You have to wonder why liberal “fish wrappers” . . . haven’t mentioned that Walker is running in a primary? Perhaps so that Republicans don’t bother to vote??

I verified this story as true—checked with my Town Clerk and YES, in fact, there is a contested primary in the Republican race for Governor. Tell all your friends to get out and vote May 8!!

This also means that Republicans should NOT crossover and vote in the Democratic primary as that will take votes away from Walker.

Sent by a friend in North Carolina—where is the Wisconsin media on reporting this???

Reminder to get out and vote May 8. I noticed that the radio stations are indicating that the May 8 is the Democratic Party primary election and haven’t mentioned that Arthur Kohl-Riggs is running against Walker as a Republican on the ballot . I’m sure that . . . . have not been informed of this additional info (ya, right!!). Previously, the Republicans were told that they didn’t have to vote on May 8 as only 4 Democrats were running.

Well all right, then. One would be hard pressed to find any news items telling Republicans that they don’t have to vote May 8th. As for Arthur Kohl-Riggs, he apparently wanted to get on the ballot to discourage Republicans from writing in Governor Walker’s name in the Democratic primary (see the ad below, which has been running in some local newspapers, encouraging that). I’ll withhold comment on Mr. Kohl-Riggs, whose activities, not to say escapades as a political activist, have been garnered him more than adequate media attention. WisconsinEye‘s Steve Walters interviews him here.     

Write-in ad (PDF)

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