Capitol shouters can’t keep it classy

Let’s give credit where credit is due: there were no Recall Walker placards in the background of today’s Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony, and except for one brief shout, there was no heckling while Governor Scott Walker spoke. This was in stark contrast to a ceremony marred by protesters last year.

So it was all good today – up to a point. While the ceremony was underway on one corner of the Capitol Square, the “Solidarity Singers” held their daily songfest on the State Street corner just two blocks away, and could be heard clearly throughout the event honoring fallen public sector employees who happened to be police officers.

To cap it off, as the officers attending the ceremony drove past the State Street corner, they were harangued by protestors. One of the least offensive shouts was “how can you support someone who has a criminal defense fund?”

The officers attending the ceremony were not there to support Scott Walker. They were there to – dare I say it – show solidarity with their fellow officers from around the state, and to honor a fallen comrade. Anyone who can’t understand the difference is completely out of touch with reality.

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