Mursau: Democrats’ deer shenanigans

Last week, I reported on a press conference held by several Democratic members of the Assembly, voicing their concerns about Dr. James Kroll, the state appointed White-Tailed Deer Trustee. And this week, WHBY‘s Rick Schuh got Kroll’s response 

Anyway, the gist of the presser was the Dems’ request for public hearings by the Senate and Assembly Natural Resources Committees. Chair of the Assembly committee, Rep. Jeff Mursau, sent me this meticulously outlined response by way of comment.     


1. Curiously, unlike their press conference statement, their letter to Mursau did not ask for a hearing before Dr. Kroll’s report is finalized

2. Senate Natural Resources and Environment Democrats were noticeably absent from the press conference, an emergency rule on deer hunting is not pervasive beyond Assembly Democrats


3. No recommendations from Dr. Kroll can be instituted this year, no matter how scared of their own shadows Assembly Democrats are

4. The 2012 deer hunting season is set and going to the printer for this fall’s hunting manual (which accompanies licenses)

a. Printing deer hunter manuals costs Wisconsin thousands of dollars, we will not overturn these rules and waste taxpayer money

b. Changing the rules at this point would be too confusing for deer hunters, we will not willingly create hunter confusion

5. The Conservation Congress addressed this in the 2012 spring hearings on question #47, which was overwhelmingly defeated

a. Governor Walker, the DNR and I respect the opinions of the Conservation Congress

Thank you for the opportunity to comment. I only regret the organizers of this press conference didn’t contact me before their press event so I could alleviate their fears, if not their pre-recall shenanigans.

Thank you, Rep. Mursau. I couldn’t have asked for a more thorough response. And bonus points for the use of shenanigans

Incidentally, in the news trade, reporters often refer to  press conferences often referred to as dog-and-pony shows. I resisted the urge to call this one a deer-and-pony show, which really shows remarkable forbearance on my part, don’t you agree?

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