Talking recall with John Hines (AUDIO)

When I was a wee lad back on the streets of St. Paul, I used to like to listen to WCCO. (It had a lot to do with a guy named Steve Cannon.) Later, once I broke into the radio business, working for “the big 8-3-O” seemed like a dream gig.

So I jumped at the chance to go on with WCCO‘s Esme Murphy several times in the past couple of months, most recently on Saturday. And this morning I had a chance to be on the air with another great Twin Cities broadcaster, John Hines, because John was really interested in the Wisconsin perspective on the new stadium for the Vikings.

AUDIO: Bob Hague, John Hines on WCCO (8:40)

Just kidding. Of course John wanted to talk about our historic recall election in Wisconsin and like any reporter, I was more than happy to oblige. For those of us who’ve been in the thick of recall fever for so long, I think the opportunity to talk with someone about it is sort of cathartic. Thanks, John.

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