YouTube as news source

A study by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism finds YouTube emerging as a major news platform, especially for eyewitness videos of major events and natural disasters.

YouTube is a place where consumers can determine the news agenda for themselves and watch the videos at their own convenience-a form of “on demand” video news.

For the news industry, the growth of YouTube and other video sharing sites represent a significant opportunity and also a challenge. News producers can use the site to grow their audience, find citizen-created videos, build their brand and generate revenue. At the same time, video-sharing sites are yet another platform they must understand-and to which they must adapt.

WRN posted quite a few videos during the height of the Capitol protests last year. A few of them garnered a couple hundred hits apiece. But a quick perusal of the Learfield News YouTube channel shows the top 3 most viewed are: Bat in the office! (3,779 views), Mark Neumann at 2010 State Dems Convention (4,524 views), and Madison Yarn Bombing (552,969 views). Only the Neumann vid was “news.” The other two obviously benefited from fans of bats. And yarn bombing. So I think we’re still sorting out this whole YouTube news thing. 

Check out the Pew study details here.

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