Levity in the Senate (AUDIO)

State Senators Bob Jauch, a Democrat from Poplar, and Mike Ellis, a Neenah Republican, have a bit of a history for trading little jokes at each other’s expense. That’s no small accomplishment, given the partisan rancor of the past year and a-half. So it was nice the see the two quipmeisters back in action Tuesday, as the Senate convened to transfer leadership from the Republicans to the Democrats.

Ellis got the ball rolling. When it was time for Senator Mark Miller to nominate Senator Fred Risser to succeed Ellis as President, Ellis referred to himself as “one of the best President’s you’ve ever had.”

Then, in response to Miller’s invitation for all the Senators to join him for dinner, Ellis explained why he couldn’t make it. It’s his anniversary. “Forty-one years ago, my wife was lucky enough to meet one of the sweetest guys she’d ever met. I’d be at your dinner tonight , but my priority is, I’d better be home with her.”

“It is true that 41 years ago, she met this remarkable, talented, young bright guy,” said Jauch. “She explained to me a few months ago, unfortunately she married the other guy.”

AUDIO: Ellis, Jauch, :50

Maybe Senator Risser, in addition to having a gavel, ought to equip himself with a “rim shot” sound effect which he can trigger as needed.

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