Tommy and Ted: blood brothers for freedom

I’ve no idea who first observed that politics makes strange bedfellows, but the truism has never been more true than it is today, when Tommy Thompson and Ted Nugent come together.

Nugent, aka the “Motor City Madman” and author of such conservative standards as “Free for All” and “Cat Scratch Fever” will be in Sturtevant with Tommy, the father of BadgerCare who was for health care reform before he was against it.

Thompson has been strenuously attempting recast himself as a  conservative’s conservative since entering the U.S. Senate race to succeed Democrat Herb Kohl. The Nugent rally should give him some street cred in his primary race with banker Eric Hovde, former congressman Mark Neumann and Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald.

Here’s how the event is billed in a media advisory from the Thompson campaign:

A Rockin’ Rally with Ted Nugent, American Sporting Legend, and Tommy Thompson, American Conservative Legend

Got that? Tommy’s not just conservative, he’s a conservative legend. And Ted has a brief promo in which refers to Tommy as “my friend, and the great American blood brother for freedom.” 

Also, the release notes that “media availability will be limited” which means there is unlikely to be much opportunity for the always Nugent to say anything that will earn him another hat with the Secret Service.

Rock on!

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