Johnson says Akin needs to drop out

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson still thinks Todd Akin has to go. That’s not an unusual sentiment among Republicans these days, but Johnson was among the first Republicans to call for the Missouri House Republican to drop out of his race for the U.S. Senate, following Akin’s inflammatory comments on rape.

“If we’re going to repeal the health care law, if we’re going to actually start passing budgets in the Senate . . . that’s an important seat,” Johnson said in Madison on Wednesday. “It’s certainly winnable from the Republican standpoint. I just thought his statements basically made him unelectable.”

AUDIO: Senator Ron Johnson (:55)

Johnson said nothing Akin has said since then has changed his mind. Akin should withdraw – regardless of the fact that he was the choice of Missouri voters in their Republican Senate primary. “I do think we really need to be respectful of the voters, but again, that would be his choice, one way or the other. I think it’s just the intelligent thing to do, I just think it’s the right thing for him to do, to withdraw.” Akin, who faces Democrat Claire McCaskill in November, has pledged to stay in the race in the face of nearly total opposition to that from party leaders, along with a loss of funding.

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