Regulatory review report: the 6:15 surprise

A little light reading just dropped into our e-mail inbox, courtesy of the governor’s office. Yes, just 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start of his State of the State address, Governor Scott Walker has released a 43 page, Wisconsin Regulatory Review Report. How awesome is that?

Last year, Governor Walker called for state agencies to work with the Small Business Regulatory Review Board to identify unnecessary, obsolete, and burdensome regulations.

“We can continue to improve Wisconsin’s regulatory climate by ensuring regulations are science-based and predictable,” said Governor Walker. “Providing certainty, specifically related to state regulations, will go a long way to help the private sector create jobs.”

Along with the review, results of a survey of Wisconsin employers were released. Thousands of employers were contacted through 43 business organizations. Roughly half of the responding employers have between 2 and 25 employees. 72 percent said regulations cost more than the benefits they produce. 70 percent said regulation imposes a significant cost on their businesses.

If you’ve got some spare time this evening, feel free to take a look at the report.

READ: 2013 Wisconsin Regulatory Review Report (PDF)

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