Misery loves company: Milwaukee makes Forbes list

Mrs. Hague and I spent a recent Sunday visiting our daughter at UW Milwaukee. We ambled around the historic Third Ward, visited the awesome Public Market, and basically had a great – which is to say not miserable – time. But Wisconsin’s beloved Brew City is a miserable place. That’s according to Forbes magazine, anyway, which ranks Milwaukee as the nation’s 14th most miserable city. 

“Winter weather in Milwaukee can be brutal with average lows of 13 degrees in January,” reads the caption on a photo showing an elderly pedestrian negotiating a crosswalk amid flurries. “Property tax rates also rank among the highest in the U.S.”  (A note on Wisconsin winter weather. It doesn’t make us miserable. Moody, maybe, but not miserable. Some of us even enjoy it.)

The magazine’s rankings placed Milwaukee between two Garden State garden spots, #13 Camden and and #15 Atlantic City. Still, the Cream City fares better than others in the Midwest. Detroit, Flint, Rockford and Chicago comprise the top four in this misery index.

But it’s possible to read too much into these rankings. After all, Forbes rates Poughkeepsie, NY #18 on the misery list. But just last year the magazine placed Poughkeepsie on its list of Best Cities for Raising a Family. Hmmm. Maybe Miserable Milwaukeeans can keep that in mind when they’re taking in a game at Miller Park or enjoying their world-class lakefront.

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