Mother Nature on a wanted poster

Hayward, at the epicenter of our freakish May snowstorm, has recieved 16 inches of snow so far. I called my old buddy Gary Hessel at WRLS to gauge the mood. They’re trying to laugh, because the alternative . . . 

People are not thrilled with Mother Nature. I went by the Post Office and saw her on a Most Wanted poster,” he joked. The jokes are probably getting a little bitter up north. We’re two days away from the fishing opener, and along with the wet, heavy snow (“most people consider this “heart attack” snow,” said Hessel.) there is still ice cover on many lakes in the area. As for Spring sports schedules, let’s just say they’ve been disrupted. The Hayward Hurricanes baseball team had to cancel a home game with Ashland on Thursday, which should have been the midway point in a 22 game season. They’ve played 5 games so far.

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