For the record: Alex Holland of BIG (AUDIO)

Alex Holland is one of the co-founders of BIG – the Bipartisan Issues Group – which pulled off the coup of getting Senator Ron Johnson and Representative Mark Pocan in the same room Thursday night. 

The panel discussion on bipartisan approaches to the debt was pretty short on bipartisanship, but Holland is a UW sophomore with the requisite youthful optimism.

“The national debt is an issue that demands each and every one of us put our personal politics aside, in order to have a fair and pragmatic conversation about how we’re going to reduce our long-run deficit. Our politics should not get in the way our well being, yet they are. We each hold the power to change that.”

AUDIO: Alex Holland (3:05)

You can listen to some of the exchanges between Pocan and Johnson here. The event drew sparse media attention, but there are write-ups from The Capital Times and WisPolitics.

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