The show me how you pick up paper state

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Salus populi suprema lex esto, indeed. You’d normally associate tossing piles of paper to the floor with a fit of peevishness, but in the Missouri House of Representatives, it’s how they mark the end of session. The Wisconsin Assembly has come to the end of many exhausting sessions over the years, still it’s hard to imagine members celebrating by making a mess for somebody else to clean up. 

Missourinet news director Bob Priddy says the tradition Jefferson City seems to date from the mid-1980s. “The House used to have skits instead of throwing papers after adjournment. But that was back in the days when adjournment came at midnight on June 15 (talk about spoiling a spring and summer for everybody!).”

The Missouri Senate makes the end of the session in a more circumspect manner, as you might expect from a chamber where at least one member proposed a ban on seersucker suits.

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