Chronicling a Kringle controversy

Inserting policy items into the Wisconsin state budget, we have long been told by members of both parties, is bad, bad, bad. Except, it appears, when a policy item is delicious. 

Here’s the deal. Among the myriad policy items slipped into the state’s two year spending plan is one which would designate the Kringle (apparently it’s properly capitalized, like Realtor) as Wisconsin’s official state pastry. (The cream puff lobby was seemingly not consulted, nor fans of cranberry muffins, both treats having at one time or another been the subject of legislation giving them “official” designation.)

“There are policy items in this budget that I might be willing to support,” said state Senator Dale Schultz during floor debate last week. “I enjoy a good Kringle as much as the next person . . . but it doesn’t belong in the budget.”

Everybody likes Kringle

Everybody likes Kringle

That may be true, Senator, but your colleagues, perhaps stricken with a last minute urge to appear, well, collegial, have decided the state pastry provision represents their Kumbaya moment this session. They’re virtually daring Governor Scott Walker to have the temerity to veto it, and if he doesn’t, well we can only assume the whole gang will head to Racine for a post signing coffee klatcsh. Or not.

Our friends at WRN‘s Racine affiliate, WRJN, treated us to Kringle for the holidays several years ago and, while I ordinarily stick to a healthy dietary regimen, I may have had a slice or two. I can’t imagine any other official state pastry (assuming there are any) coming close.


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