Area Man Comments On End Of The Onion

onionboxNewsprint is just so tactile. The digital medium can’t quite deliver the experience of turning pages on the print version of The Onion

The front page headlines (“Biden Scores 800 Feet Of Copper Wire” was a recent favorite) are often priceless. Also on the front page, Highlights (“Brad Pitt Decides To Grow Out Forehead Hair”). And inside, features like the faux person-on-the-street American Voices, Statshot, The Tolerability Index, Savage Love, even movie reviews.

It’s all going away here in Madison, where The Onion was born. According to Chicagoist, The last print edition of the satirical weekly will hit the streets July 25th. “Capital Newspapers general manager Todd Sears said advertising support wasn’t as strong as expected, a common problem in the modern media era for most, if not all, newspapers.”

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