Spotlight never off ‘Singers’

A reader letter to the Wisconsin State Journal today suggests that the easiest way to stop the “Solidarity Singers” would be to stop covering them. Not likely.

Has it occurred to anyone that a way to end this foolishness would be to just cease any and all coverage of the activities, both on camera and in the newspaper? I’d be willing to bet that once the spotlight has been turned off, that the novelty of it all would come to a halt.

The thing is, the Solidarity Singers long ago slipped the surly bonds of mere mainstream media coverage.

There’s (of course) a Solidarity Sing Along Facebook page. Many of the singers and their chroniclers assiduously post videos to YouTube. And they tweet, and blog, all blissfully untethered from any traditional media platforms. It’s a self-referencing, self-reverent online journal of the daily ritual of unpermitted performers being ticketed by Capitol police.

Lack of interest by the media or the larger, reality-based world beyond the rotunda won’t make any difference.  News coverage is so 20th century.

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