Gumballs and burritos

gumballcropGovernor Scott Walker is scheduled to sign his $100 million property tax cut bill into law on Sunday. The measure moved through the legislature at lightning fast speed.

State Representative Chris Danou voted for the measure – but couldn’t resist pointing out that it amounts to about a quarter a week for the owner of a median value home. “I don’t know whether my kids can even buy a gumball with it from a gumball machine (they can – I checked). Maybe that’s what we ought to call this, the gumball tax break.”

If you don’t like gumballs, there was a burrito comparison offered last week by Senator Tim Cullen. The Janesville Democrat said a family with a home valued at $75,000 would see a savings of 55 cents a month. “If they took that 55 cents a month and they saved it for four straight months, they could buy a burrito at Taco Bell.”


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