Union chief deems Walker ad unsafe

scottholeChances are, if you’ve seen the latest television spot from Governor Scott Walker‘s campaign, you’ve noticed that he’s standing in a big hole. Jeff Kaminski noticed that too, but it’s not all that got his attention.

While Walker presumably did not dig the hole by himself, in an e-mail from the Wisconsin AFL-CIO, Kaminski, the President of United Steelworkers Union Local 2005, notes a host of safety violations.

Not only is Scott Walker not wearing any Personal Protective Equipment, or PPE as it is often referred to, such as a hard hat, safety gloves, work vest or safety glasses, but he is making errors that could end in serious injury.

“I immediately noticed that the hole appears to be more than five feet deep, the ladder is not positioned correctly and Gov. Walker is making a host of mistakes, putting his safety at risk.”

Kaminiski continued: “There is no shoring to hold up the side walls,” explaining that “holes with unstable ground or greater than five feet must be shored and the ladder must extend two feet above the hole. As somebody who spends my days pushing safety on the job, these are big offenses.”

The e-mail also says that Kaminski has called for the ad to be pulled from the airwaves, and has filed a complaint with OSHA.

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