I wonder if Governor Walker knows about this?

I’m not an especially rabid football fan, but if there’s one team I’ve disliked over the years, it would have to be the Dallas Cowboys.

A big reason for this, I suspect, is that while I was growing up in the Twin Cities, the Cowboys seemed to consistently beat our Minnesota Vikings. And my younger brother was a Cowboy’s fan, which was at least as annoying as the success the self-styled “America’s Team” enjoyed against the hometown squad.

I’ve lived in Wisconsin for 25 years now, and my allegience is to the Packers. So I felt that old annoyance stirring over the weekend when I was informed that a nephew who is a Wisconsin native and yet – baffflingly – also a Cowboy’s fan has purchased tickets to this weekend’s Packers-Cowboys playoff game so that he and his Viking-fan dad can root against the Pack.

Far from the frozen tundra of Lambeau, the Cowboys have a big (ahem) fan out on the East Coast who presumably will be rooting for them, despite his political friendship with a certain high-profile Packers fan. Maybe New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Governor Scott Walker should have a bet on Sunday’s outcome?

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