Kleefisch finds Trump’s language ‘earmuff’ worthy

12694666_10153325120728021_6031529681607832363_oWRN’s Andrew Beckett caught up with Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch recently, and asked whether she’d consider taking her two young daughters to a rally for Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump. Her response was kind of priceless.

“On the idea that they may hear something that I would do earmuffs for, I would probably have to consult my husband. We’d do a family meeting about it.”

Trump has drawn fire for the occasionally, um, colorful language he uses at his events, although Kleefisch, a fellow Republican, noted that he has been trying to make it more “G-rated” lately.

As for the earmuffs, well I think there’s an opportunity there for the Trump marketing machine, which could offer a version of those awesome “Make America Great Again” caps, incorporating hearing protection.

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